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Prevention of hearing loss

Through the implementation of therapeutic therapies and public health initiatives throughout the life course, many of the causes of hearing loss can be prevented.

From the perinatal and prenatal stages of life until later years, the prevention of hearing loss is crucial. Nearly 60% of hearing loss in children is caused by preventable factors that can be avoided with the deployment of public health initiatives. Similar to children, adults may avoid the majority of causes of hearing loss, including exposure to loud noises and ototoxic drugs.

● Immunization;  

● Good maternal and child care practices;  

● Genetic counseling;  

● Identification and management of common ear conditions;  

● Safe listening strategies for the reduction of exposure to loud sounds in recreational settings;

● Rational use of medicines to prevent ototoxic hearing loss.  

● Occupational hearing conservation programmes for noise and chemical exposure; 

● Use of ear protective devices for protection from loud noises

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